I’d compliment her on thinking “outside the box”, but she’d have no idea what box I was talking about.

We were driving in the car today, when out of nowhere, S offered a reflection on her hair (which I always comb for her).  As a reminder, this child is three.


S: You know mom, my hair is getting too hard to comb.

Me: We could use more conditioner, if you want.  Or I could give you a haircut.

S [without a trace of sarcasm]: Or we could just stop combing it.



Man, I love that kid.

She is queen of the “should have been obvious but no one else thought of it”.

And she is an absolute antidote to a world that wants kids to find an answer via multiple choice (i.e. conditioner or haircut? . . . pshaw!!!).

Long live the clear-sighted, creative thinkers!

(and heaven help their parents.)



P.S.  Does anyone remember the time I asked a group where they wanted to go to lunch and, in unison, everyone said “McDonalds!” except for S, who said “Mexico!”  That is a kid who is wonderfully unaware of the box.


3 responses to “I’d compliment her on thinking “outside the box”, but she’d have no idea what box I was talking about.

  1. I remember that! Love that girl! And brilliant in figuring out how to stop making the hair-combing hurt: stop the combing! I remember actually going to the store at age 9 and buying detangler. Of course, Mom drove me and I’m sure she paid! Alternatively, I think I’m going to mail you some to see if it works. 🙂 I hear bedhead is IN these days. 🙂

  2. Me too, me too! I remember too! The best lunches EVER! Plates of fries, all-you-can-eat, and bowls of sprinkles for dessert! The clear-sighted, creative thinkers are going to one-up the rest of us every time 🙂 Love you, S! And tell your mom that Aunt B says once-a-week-hair-brushings are in vogue at the cousins’ house. Just kidding! Sort of…..

  3. My current detangler is a pair of scissors, so we’d appreciate any tips you have, A! And Queen B, I so relate to the “Just kidding! Sort of…” conclusion to your comment. Please don’t inspect our brushing jobs too closely next time you visit!

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