All the world’s a fair!

We had a blast at the state fair yesterday! In addition to enjoying all the exhibits and goodies we had brought from home (a picnic, special drinks and candy!), the kids were each allowed to pick a few rides and one edible treat.  End result: roller coaster (!) ferris wheel (!), swing rides (!).  And don’t forget the ice cream (!) and cotton candy (!).  My goodness, we do love the fair : )

This was the first year the girls were able to go on rides by themselves, and they absolutely adored both the experiences and the independence.  Here they are on the swings:


S was smiling most of the time, but I love this photo because it captures the "ooooooh!" moment so nicely!

As an extra treat, E had put some birthday money (thanks Grammy and Grandpa!) into a “horse riding bank” just waiting for an opportunity to be a real version of “Jessie the cowgirl”.  What a magical moment watching her buy a ride and treat her sister to one.  They just beamed.  A quote from E (age 5):  “I rode a horse!  I rode a horse!  I have wanted to ride a horse my whole life!”  Thank you Grammy and Grandpa!  It’s not every day you get to help someone fulfill a lifelong dream : )


Technically ponies, but it's all the same to us. And our ride lasted a little longer than average, since they had to stop to clean up after S' when it pooped. (Double bonus, since this resulted in extra time atop the horses and a glimpse of horse poop. An exciting moment for our kids! Although less thrilling for the two cowboys on duty, I would imagine.)

The fair also offered lots of exhibits the kids loved.  They were able to

– play “farmer” (picking, weighing, and “selling” produce for toy money that they used to “buy” a bag of items)

– see our “grocery store” food actually growing (broccoli was particularly neat)

– talk to a motorized cow on a toy tractor

– have a conversation with a woman on stilts

– “fish” for the letters in their names, and

– hold a baby chicken (check out the photo below!)


Of course, the highlight for my husband and me was just watching the kids.  These are the kids whose imaginations are sparked by a cardboard box and an hour of free time.  So you can imagine watching them transform into roller coaster-riding-adventurers, food-growing-farmers, and yodeling cowgirls yesterday at the fair.

P.S.  In an effort to keep it real (!) I should also tell you about all the missteps (and near missteps!) involved in any trip with our creative and crazy crew, but I won’t bore you with details of

(a) the sheriff that almost ticketed mom (note to self: don’t unclick the seatbelt to reach for the sippy cup right as your husband stops to ask the sheriff how to find the free parking),

(b) the display produce we almost picked off the vine

(c) our fruitless hunt for the “state’s biggest pumpkin!”, or

(d) how we spent as much time in the bathrooms as we did on the rides.

Instead, I’ll just reveal that those missteps are always part of a normal day for us, and it’s infinitely more fun to have missteps at the fair!

I’ll leave you with one last photo.  Here’s hoping this image will tide me over until next year.


The Ferris Wheel in Kiddie Land

Can you tell from this post how much I love (that my kids love) the fair?!


4 responses to “All the world’s a fair!

  1. This is such a mile-marker post for me. I remember them being too little to handle the chicks themselves, and then I see S’s legs on that pony– they’re both getting so tall! I can only imagine what ride T will choose when he’s old enough…

  2. What joy!! What excitement!! What memories!! Truly, an abundance of “Joyful Noise” !!

  3. Truly, my nieces and nephews after my own state fair-loving heart 🙂 We can’t wait to see the fair for ourselves! Thanks for paving the way and for sharing such fabulous memories.

  4. A, we thought about you while we were there! I remember you taking E on the worm roller coaster when she was so tiny! It was a mile-marker for me too (and made me wish you still lived around the corner!) And Ann, I wish you could have heard the noises the girls made about those ponies in the car all the way home! Thank you for treating them! Finally, Queen B, here’s hoping the kids take after you in all sorts of ways (including and beyond that love of the fair!), and we hope y’all have a great time too!!!

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