Hypothetical Himalayas

So let’s say, hypothetically, that while trying to cook dinner last week I accidentally turned on the front right burner (instead of the burner that held our meal).

And let’s say that during the 10 minutes it took me to realize my mistake, that front right burner heated a dirty breakfast pan (that might have been sitting there for 10+ hours…what’s your point?…anyway…as I was saying…) that (hypothetical) front right burner heated a dirty breakfast pan and cooked the plastic spatula sitting in it.

Now let’s imagine that the spatula melted . . . covering my wonderful, used-everyday, dishwasher-safe, non-stick, very large, wedding-gift-much-nicer-than-we-would-buy-for-ourselves, fabulous frying pan in melty, spatula plastic.

Now let’s imagine (without judgment) that I reflexively took the pan and ran it under cold water, making the melty plastic solidify into a miniature replica of the Himalayas on my pan.

Does anyone know how I would get the now hard plastic off the pan without ruining its non-stick or dishwasher-safe (i.e. won’t rust) nature?

In case you were planning to suggest, “just ignore the Himalayan replica and cook in the pan as usual”, I already tried that.  It doesn’t work, since tiny bits of the plastic miniature mountain range erode into the food as I’m cooking (and after converting all of our sippy cups to BPA free models last year, I can’t quite bring myself to feed the children eggs laced with melted plastic…call me over-protective.)


Or did my Christmas list just condense itself into three words: “new frying pan”?


One response to “Hypothetical Himalayas

  1. Loved the story! Maybe try putting the pan in the freezer and the plastic will freeze and pop off with a little help?? If not, do what I did when I did the same thing to my tea kettle – throw it out!!

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