Halloween (with apologies to Jane Fonda!)

A few weeks ago, the girls settled on their Halloween costumes.

– E wanted to be Princess Jasmine

– S wanted to be Barbie from Toy Story 3.

– and, looking for a character that would complement both his sisters and be fun for himself, T settled on being a monkey.  To E, he is Abu (Aladdin’s monkey).  To S, he is “The Eye in the Sky” (the Toy Story 3 character that clangs his cymbals loudly whenever one of the movie’s characters tries to escape).

We did pretty well this year without breaking the bank…

– I found E’s Jasmine costume at a consignment sale ($8!)

– While searching for S’ costume, I discovered that no one makes a “Toy Story 3 Barbie” costume.  No worries, as I was able to piece together an outfit from supplies I found at Wal Mart and the dollar store.

– and T’s monkey costume is on loan from a friend (thank you! he loves it!) and is complemented by some accessories we had around the house.

Here they are…

E’s is spot on, which is good because (at this stage of life…no permanent labeling here), she is my perfectionist…


S’ is pretty spot on too, but it doesn’t matter because only true Toy Story 3 fans will recognize her.

Here’s the actual character:

and here is S’ costume:


The leg warmers are actually dollar store socks with the toe seams cut open. S wears them around the house all the time. (Her mama might have rocked a few leg warmers back in the '80s...what can I say, certain things are timeless...)

I think we did pretty well, and S is thrilled.  However, I am pretty sure most people will think I have dressed her like a miniature Jane Fonda, so I am tempted to put this label on her shirt.


T’s costume wins points for its split personality.  The monkey suit has managed to do what I attempt to do on a daily basis…provide both girls what they need (an celebration of both their characters!) while giving T the fuzzy warm snuggles a toddler requires.  I lose slight points since, in our trial costume run at our (awesome!) neighborhood celebration last weekend (which we attended with our cousins!), someone got all excited and said: “I love it!  He’s a little Ewok from Star Wars!”  Oh well, maybe whatever points we lose in due to “ambiguity” we gain back in the “versatility” category?


T's Monkey Suit...


...which could be Abu from Aladdin (a perfect complement for E's Princess Jasmine costume)...


...or "The Eye in the Sky" from Toy Story 3, a perfect complement for S' "Toy Story Barbie" ensemble... (By the way, we are still working with T on making that face, but he has the cymbal banging part down pat already...)

Anyway, I will conclude the rundown of our Halloween gear by saying that after all this, S announced tonight that she has changed her mind and just wants to wear something from our dress-up bin.

No problem by me!

Though Jane Fonda may be disappointed…


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