Are we tending to the souls of our children? or is our time otherwise consumed?

A few weeks ago, Nana e-mailed me and all of my (three) siblings with information and an offer.  She had just seen the movie “Courageous”, which is the story of a group of male friends who – amid many challenges and conflicts, and along a dramatic (fictional) storyline – commit to becoming better Christians and better fathers to their children.

Nana was so inspired by the movie that she wanted to make sure all of her kids had an opportunity to see it with their spouses.  To facilitate this, she offered to pay for a babysitter, dinner and movie tickets if anyone wanted to check the film out.

Well, she didn’t have to ask me twice.  An inspiring movie?  A date with my husband?  Only Nana could figure out a way to invest in our marriage, our parenting, and support a great film all in one swoop, and to do it in a way that made all of my siblings, and siblings-in-law, feel good about how much Nana loved them and the roles they were playing in our family.  (She told us in her e-mail offer that this was a movie about fathers and she thought all the guys on the list were great fathers who would appreciate a celebration of that…)

So a few days ago, my husband and I hired a sitter, had dinner in a restaurant, and saw a movie about Christian parenting.  It was a fantastic night.  Thank you, thank you Nana.  The movie made me catch my breath, cry, laugh, and hold hands with my husband.

I’ll leave you with one quote from the movie’s conclusion (told as best I remember since a google search didn’t turn up the exact words):

“Someday, we will all realize that the jobs and hobbies that consume us hold no eternal value . . . and that the souls of our children do.”

Not undermining the value of jobs and hobbies here – we believe God leads us through passion for work and other pursuits and don’t want anyone to misinterpret – but that is some serious food for thought…

It is the souls of our children that hold the eternal value.

How much time have we devoted recently to the development of those souls?  To fostering our children’s spiritual natures?

Or has our time been otherwise consumed?

Thank you, thank you Nana!

And thank you Hollywood for giving us a movie I was proud to see.

For those who are interested, this is the link to a review of the movie:


3 responses to “Are we tending to the souls of our children? or is our time otherwise consumed?

  1. Great job, Nana!
    Kristi, did you see Fireproof by the same production company? It’s about Christian marriage and is quite a tearjerker.

  2. I CAN’T WAIT to see this movie, even more so know. You two are doing a great job with your three sweet little souls, and T and I are blessed to have you as fellow parents, role models, friends.

  3. Great job, Nana, indeed! and Meredith, I have not seen Fireproof. In fact, I had never even heard of it until reading a review of “Courageous”, if you can believe that! It is definitely on my “must-see” list now. And Queen B, I could have written exactly the same about you and Uncle T. Thank you and hugs from afar. (We can’t wait until you get back and hope your trip is going well!)

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