The worst game of “Clue” ever (alternate title: “Goodbye Kitty”)

The mystery: a chunk of S’ hair is missing…who dunnit?

The answer: S, in the playroom, with a pair of Hello Kitty scissors.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this came two days after I had given her a “real haircut”, and my skills are lacking enough that you can’t really tell the difference between the unevenness of what I cut (I will improve, I promise!) and the part that S did.  Still, she took out a clump that shortened a section of her shoulder length hair by another 2 inches.

Check out the crime scene!


I call this photo "Goodbye Kitty"

Don’t worry.  I had a serious talk with S about playing with scissors, especially near the face, and about leaving scissors where T might be able to reach them.  Then my three year old helped me clean up her hair off the floor.

Love you, S.  Your independence and style will serve you well in the future.  I just want to make sure we all get there (relatively) intact.


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