a banana saved, a vote lost, and our apologies to candidate X

Last week, at a candidate’s card table, 101 feet away from the front entrance of my polling place, during a brief stop to vote between pre-school pickup and lunch (i.e. the kids were hungry):

Candidate to S: I see you’re helping your mom vote today….

S to candidate: and I see a banana in the basket under your table…

(An innocent comment by three year old S, obviously, but so well timed and so funny…I mean we already knew 3 year olds could be bribed (I mean, positively reinforced…) toward good behavior.  Now we also know they can be bribed (I mean, persuaded) to influence their mom’s votes!)

That will be one banana, please.

S is clearly ready for the political arena, but I’m not sure the political arena is ready for her.

As a side note, a political party gave her a sample ballot to play with, and when she asked me how to fill it out, I (1) explained what a vote was, (2) told her the people who got the most votes would have a very important job, (3) showed her the names on the ballot and the bubbles next to each, and (4) told her to fill in the bubble next to the person she wanted to vote for.  Her response?

S: “Well, where is [my friend S’] name?”

Me: “Um, it’s not on there.”

S: “Well, I only want to vote for her”

Me: “Well, they do have a special space on the ballot where you can write someone’s name in.”

S: “Great.  I’ll write her name in.  I know how to write most of the letters.  You know, I’m always going to vote for my friend S.”

So sorry, candidate X.

You should have given her the banana.

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