36 hours

Sunday morning: at church listening to E sing in the cherub choir during their very first performance…absolutely adorable


Sunday afternoon: at the local middle school track, with E & S riding their training-wheel bikes and pushing T around in his mini-coupe…one of our best afternoons


T in his mini-coupe, S on her bike, & E must have been running a lap at this point (she likes riding bikes, but she LOVES to run...)

Sunday night (prepare yourselves for the twist we were unprepared for…): at the emergency room with E (who is now fine, thank God), after she walked downstairs at 11pm upset because it “feels like there’s something in my throat”; we could hear the raspy breathing…very scary

Monday 1am: relieved to find out it is just a cold/croup that caused some swelling in E’s trachea and that there was medicine she could take to reduce that swelling…ultimately we have nothing to worry about…

Monday 2am: putting E to bed; getting into bed; saying goodnight to my husband who had to stay home with the sleeping S & T, but of course did not sleep a wink while we were gone

Monday 6:15am: up with T, preparing for a day at home with all the kids (no school for E, who is fine but will be exhausted)

Monday afternoon: all three kids still in their pajamas at 4:30pm…(mama is still in her pajamas too…), at what time of day do you just decide that everyone can stay in their PJ’s until bedtime?

Monday evening: finally collapsing in bed, thankful for healthy children who will be wide awake and smiling at 6:15am.

Quite a 36 hours…

One response to “36 hours

  1. Bless y’alls hearts! So glad E’s ok, but I can only imagine how scary that was. To lighten the mood, remember the first time she threw up in bed? If I recall, she gladly shared that wonderful moment (and result) with y’all as well! “I coughed and I coughed and THIS came out!”

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