Thanksgiving prayers

Written last night (the day before Thanksgiving):

I have been trying to write a post about today, but I couldn’t get it right, so I will just say that E is fine now, but we spent several hours with E in the pediatrician’s office this morning doing breathing treatments.   Pray that this thing responds to the medicine we’ll continue to give her and that this is her last negative respiratory episode ever (how’s that for asking for what we really want?)

We spent last Thanksgiving in a plastic surgeon’s office inspecting an infection in S’ split finger (which had been stitched a week before); praise God the recovery in that finger surpassed anything we could have expected.

Next year, I want to write, “we spent last Thanksgiving recovering from a day of breathing treatments with E; so far it looks like that was just a random respiratory event, hallelujah!”

I love my family, who is in town for the holiday and has been awesome: using medical expertise to encourage me to get E to the doctor quickly (Aunt B!), watching the other kids while we went (Nana & Aunt B!), and being there when we I needed another set of ears at the doctor’s office & E simply wanted her dad (thank you, husband!).

So during your Thanksgiving grace, include a prayer for E (who is breathing easily now, thank heaven).

I am thankful for lots of things today, but most especially for my family and the community that surrounds us (including all my readers : )

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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