It’s hard to complain about a busted transmission when there are severed heads floating around

I have decided not to complain about the fact that the transmission just died in our car, that the estimate to repair it was higher than the value of the car, or that unexpectedly purchasing a new (to us) car wiped out our emergency fund and left us figuring out how to put a car payment into our monthly budget.

Instead, I will say that I am grateful I now have a safe car to drive and distract myself (and you!) with a picture of the back wall of the “kids corner” in the car dealership.

Check it out:

When we go back to the dealer for our first tune-up, I am absolutely dressing T in his footed PJ’s that match the wall almost exactly.

You thought I was kidding? It really is almost a perfect match...

I am pretty sure he will look like a head, floating in the heavens (that is, if I can get him to stay in the “kid corner” long enough to snap a photo…when we were there last time, he was in a different kind of heaven…a display room completely full of cars).

It reminds me of when I was in elementary school, and our local weatherman (Gary Dobbs!) came to speak at an assembly, and we thanked him by giving him a sweatsuit in our school color – blue.  Mr. Dobbs apologetically told us he would never be able to wear it on air because it was exactly the same color as the bluescreen he stood in front of while giving the weather report (you know the blue area they overlay the weather map onto before transmitting the signal to your TV).  I remember him saying that maybe he could wear it to report the weather on Halloween, since on that day it would be appropriate to hear the weather from what looked like a creepy floating head.

He didn’t do that.  I actually tuned in on Halloween to see if he would and was seriously disappointed.

This begs the questions: (1) why do I remember the name of the man who reported the local weather in my small Alabama town during the 1980s when I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the woman who says hello to me every single day at Kindergarten pick-up?, and (2) why, of all the wisdom that must have been spouted from that lectern during assemblies, is Mr. Dobbs’ rejection of our blue sweatsuit the only thing I remember in such detail?

I don’t know the answers to those questions.

But perhaps I have distracted all of us from the saga of the car…


3 responses to “It’s hard to complain about a busted transmission when there are severed heads floating around

  1. Ha, that made my night. Well, not the part about your car, more the Mr. Dobbs part. And I love that you tuned in on Halloween. Makes you think about the things you say casually to kids…never know what will stick.

  2. I can’t wait to see your new car. I am hoping that it adds more ease and enjoyment to your daily life than it takes out of your monthly budget. I remember when we liquidated our savings account to get our Sienna minivan, I just had to remind myself as I was driving everyday that now I got to DRIVE around in my bank account rather than look at it on a computer screen, which I found much more enjoyable anyway! Love you guys.

  3. So true Amy! You never know who is really paying attention and will remember! And Queen B, that you for the good wishes and for the perspective. The idea that I’m now driving around in my (well-used) bank account actually makes me feel pretty flush : )

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