Love (in a note) and logic (in a conversation)…alternate title: Happy Valentine’s Day!

While S’ birthday has been the big focus for us this week, Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal too!  The girls gave character cards & Hersheys kisses to their classmates, and made some adorable hand-crafted Valentine’s for us.  (I do love their writing at this age.)

Here’s a card from E to the family:

Adorable, and hanging on our window

Here’s a card from S to the family

Love is at it's cutest when the "L" is written upside down, I think!

And here’s one from S to “dada” and “NON” (i.e. MOM…we’re still working on “M’s”!)

Having S refer to us in print as "dada" and "non" reminds me of that old TV show with the family of dinosaurs where the baby referred to his parents as "mama" and "not-the-mama". Please tell me someone else remembers that show!

And here’s an actual Valentine’s exchange between myself and the girls.  I have to admit, I love this conversation because it revealed appreciation, and that is a pretty great gift for a mama on Valentine’s Day!  Maybe we’ll work on the selfless part of love next year?! : )

Actual exchange:

E: Mom, for Valentine’s Day, I am giving you two minutes of not having to do any work.

Mom:  Thank you, E!  That’s so nice!  Is there a certain kind of work that you think I should take a break from?

E: Well, your work is helping kids.  So for two minutes, you don’t have to help any kids.

S (thinking about this): I’m not giving you that.  I’m giving you love instead.

E (also thinking):  And it would probably be better if you did your two minute break while I’m at school.

(How can you not love it…and them?!?!?!  Lack of breaks notwithstanding, I do have the best job in the world.)

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


One response to “Love (in a note) and logic (in a conversation)…alternate title: Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I remember Dinosaurs! “Not the Mama” was the best part of that show!

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