A valid excuse?

My husband was out of town Wednesday through Friday of last week, which meant after a fun but tiring stretch of Valentine and Birthday celebrations, I was on tap to load up all three kids every morning to drop E off at school.  To get her there on time, everyone needed to be in the car by 7:30am.   This is generally not a huge deal, since T – my human alarm clock – always gives me a head start by waking up at 5am.

Well, this week, on my husband’s first day out of town, my alarm didn’t go off quite that early.

In fact, when the morning light first hit my bedroom, I rolled over and looked at the quiet monitors (all kids still sleeping!) and then at the clock (Egads, T!  It’s 7am!)

At that point, my choices were:

(1) panic, wake up all the kids (I want you to pause here and appreciate that statement:  I would have to wake up all the kids), prep E, get everyone in the car and sprint to the elementary school in my pajamas, or

(2) recognize that we were all exhausted from the festivities, stretch, roll over and go back to sleep.

Choosing option 2 would mean writing a note later that said,

“Today, for the first time in the history of our family, E and her siblings all slept past 7am.  I decided there had to be a rule somewhere about NOT waking my 5, 4, & 1 year old during their “once-every-five-year-simultaneous-post-sunrise-slumber” that trumped any rule about being late to Kindergarten.  Please excuse her tardy.  Or don’t.  Honestly, I am so happily well-rested that I don’t really care.”

Unfortunately, I did not have my wits about me (so startled was I that my children had suddenly discovered sleeping), so it didn’t occur to me that option 2 even existed until I had already awakened, prepped and loaded the children in a frenzy of chaos.

But should the stars align twice, that note is ready.  I am a former teacher, and appreciate the need to get kids in their classrooms.  But I also appreciate the rarity of all my kids being in their beds past sunrise.

How bad is it that I really wished, on that rare morning when we all needed it (especially mama), I had just let everyone sleep in?!


One response to “A valid excuse?

  1. Oh man, am I praying that you’ll get to write that note on Monday!

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