Snow Day!!!

It snowed last week!

We took full advantage of what will likely be the only snow of the year, managing to do a lot more than you might imagine with only an inch of the white stuff.  Check us out…


So it kind of became "mudsliding" more than "sledding" by the end, but still great fun!

…making snow angels

…making (tiny) snowmen

See it? Right there by T's foot?! With the baby carrot nose?! Unfortunately, a few minutes later, someone walking through didn't see it, and the snowman met with an untimely demise...but we enjoyed Frosty's mini-me while he lasted!

throwing snowballs

See that one about to hit our unsuspecting neighbor in the navy jacket?! and the wicked grin on S' face?!

…and then, of course, coming in for hot chocolate.

Check out the size of that marshmellow E is about to drop in her hot chocolate? Either Aunt H or Nana brought those for the family Christmas, and we finished off the last of them during the snow day!

The best part is that the snow came on President’s Day (a school holiday), so we had already planned to spend the afternoon with our cousins.  By then, the snow had melted, so we excitedly loaded into the car and spent the afternoon hanging out at a museum with family and the evening enjoying some playtime and BBQ at their place.  Here are a few museum shots:

A floor piano... just like in "Big"!

The cousins exploring the dental part of the exhibit...

No BBQ shots, as my hands were too busy helping myself to yet another hushpuppy throughout the meal to pull out my camera…

Anyway, there is simply nothing like a snow day in the south…especially this type of day.  No shoveling, no icy roads, not even jackets required by mid-afternoon, but plenty of winter fun to go around.


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