March Madness, the real version

You may have already read about our surreal version of March Madness in this post.

But I had to include a picture of the real March Madness too.

Here’s my husband helping E & S fill out their tournament brackets.

It took three 15 minute sessions with the kids to get the brackets filled out...not a quick process, and my husband gets 100% of the credit! By the way, someone needs to make a preschool friendly bracket that has pictures of the mascots and just 1-2 letters to represent the team name...

They had a great time explaining their choices to dad and watching him write them in the brackets, and it will get even more fun once we enter them into the ESPN website tonight for the extended family pool.

As far as my entertainment goes, what could be more fun for me than giving my adult siblings a hard time because my 5 year old is beating some of them in the brackets?  What fun to point out that she made her picks based on mascot preference and team colors!  (and picked Cincinnati to win three games because she thought “Cincinnati” sounded kind of like “Addie”, the really nice girl in her class!)

Of course, if she starts beating her mom that will be a whole ‘nother story…

: )

Let the Madness (and family banter!) begin!

One response to “March Madness, the real version

  1. Elvira Jorge aka curvy elvie

    So cute!

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