Meet Mr. Arizona

This week, we have been working to adjust the family to the new Daylight Savings Time.  This has meant herding kids to bed before they actually get sleepy, waking them up so we can be on time for school, and all the bumps that go along with a change in schedule.

But in our family, there is one person who is our exception to the Daylight Savings adjustment.

Meet Mr. Arizona, otherwise known as 20 month old T.

We have decided that, like the state of Arizona, T will not be participating in Daylight Savings Time this year.  That means while the rest of the family will go by the clock, adjusting to make everything fit into the new time frame, T will defy the clock and stick to his old schedule.  On a practical level, this means he will stay up an hour later than his older sisters, and (hopefully) wake up an hour later than his regular 5am routine.

I credit my friend K for suggesting the delayed bedtime as a solution to our “T as an uber-early riser” problem, and I credit Daylight Savings Time for providing me with a good opportunity to fully take the plunge.

So far it has worked out well, with the exception of slight grumblings from the older kids who want to know why “the baby” gets to stay up later than them.

Mom’s response:  “T takes a nap every afternoon.  Anyone would like to nap every afternoon may stay up late also!”

No one has taken me up on it yet…

3 responses to “Meet Mr. Arizona

  1. Elvira Jorge aka curvy elvie

    He’s adorable

  2. Thank you, Elvira! I agree…even at 5am. : )

  3. This is too stinkin cute!

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