St. Patrick’s Day ideas for fun with the kids

Absolutely by chance, our playgroup was at the park on St. Patrick’s Day two years ago, and we stumbled across a leprechaun stash that some kind soul had left there for the kids.  You have never seen such excitement over some glitter and a pile of pennies!  The kids were ecstatic!  (Thank you, to whoever that kind stranger was!)  The kids celebrated their treasure, fingered every penny, and the playgroup adults scoured their wallets (and car consoles) to replace the penny treasure trove before we left so that the next lucky group would also have something to find.

It led to a conversation about St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday I had never thought of as particularly kid-festive.  I mean, I’m not going to deny that I celebrated with some green beer in college, but it hadn’t occurred to me to do anything for my preschool-aged kids.

Oh my goodness, was I missing an opportunity!  As I talked with the other parents, I discovered that leprechauns visited their homes and left surprises for the kids to discover on St. Patrick’s Day morning.  Not presents, mind you…but surprises.  Green pee in the toilet, green milk in the fridge, glitter trails on the porch leading to piles of pennies, and havoc among the normal placement of things wreaked by those tricky leprauchans (imagine a 3 year old’s face when she discovers dad’s ties hanging from the chandeliers, for example, and how much fun she could have showing daddy what those leprauchans had done!  Something she would never dare to do, which makes is so extra fun!  Also chairs tipped over, etc.)

So maybe I was the only one not doing this?!  On the chance that others were unaware of the fun too, know that if you have a little green food coloring for the toilet and milk (consider whether you really want to tint a whole gallon, since the kids may not drink it!), or a little extra glitter (I don’t have a glitter stash, but we have plenty of preschool artwork that we can scrape a little off of), consider letting the leprechauns leave some surprises for the family tonight, in preparation for a giggly St. Patrick’s Day morning tomorrow.  It really is lots of fun!

And – for those who really want to go crazy – know that Ella’s homework last weekend was to make a leprechaun trap, which her teacher will use today to try to catch a leprechaun at school.  (S made one too…it was too much fun to let big sister do alone.)  So at our house, while we won’t trap any, we are going to set up them up as houses for the leprechauns to play in.  Here they are, E’s made out of the box the garbage bags came in…

complete with a garden path, a chimney, and a green trampoline and with these words written on the back "Dr al Lcs You wl hv a good hose. Love, E" which translates "Dear all Leprechauns, You will have a good house. Love, E"

And S’ made out of a shoebox…

A house in S' favorite color - pink - covered in roses and feathers with a pudding box chimney, a blue pool and several toilets. By the way, it was actually S' idea to accessorize the houses. We discovered her raiding the recycling bin to find bottle tops to use as toilets. She also asked for the empty blue paint bottle (which I had previously cut in half to get the last bit of paint out), telling us it would be a perfect pool in case leprechauns wanted to swim. This sparked E’s imagination and soon she was making trampolines for them to jump on, etc.)

St. Patrick’s Day…what an opportunity for fun!

(And if I posted this too late for anyone…my apologies…but unless your kids are really calendar savvy, you could probably do it a few days later and have just as much fun?!)

2 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day ideas for fun with the kids

  1. I love this. I’ll have to put this away in the memory bank for the future!

  2. You all helped us make the most of St. Patrick’s Day! Lots of Joyful Noise is reverberating through our house 😉 and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks for helping us discover preschool fun in this holiday!

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