Update: March Madness, the real version

You may have read about our extended family’s March Madness pool in this post.

Well, I just had to let everyone know that 20 month old T, who picked the winning teams for his bracket by always choosing the team that had the most T’s in its name, is currently doing better overall than his mother.

Using this method, he also became one of the few people in the country who predicted that Norfolk State would beat Missouri.

I don’t know whether to be humiliated that my predictions are being upstaged by this alphabet-based strategy, or proud that my son is doing so well in such an important arena (March Madness!) so early in life.

Maybe, as a Tar Heel, I’ll just focus on how happy I am about the early dismissal of Duke…  : )

2 responses to “Update: March Madness, the real version

  1. Way to go, T! I am going to start saying that I didn’t submit my bracket because I was scared to be shown up by his talent (sounds better than the truth, which is that I just forgot about the deadline). I’m pulling for you!

  2. I missed the deadline last year! Logged on to do it and realized I had been locked out! It’s a too-short window when you’re trying to fill it out with kids! (The upside of that is being able to say the whole tournament, “Wow…if we’d gotten ours in, we’d be beating all y’all right now…lucky for you!” which was pretty much what I said the whole tourney last season : ) This year everyone knows how bad I am at predicting the winners because they can log onto ESPN and see that I’m in last place (behind the grown-ups and kids!)

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