I didn’t put these ads on my blog

Just logged onto my own blog for the first time in a few weeks (life has been crazy busy!) and there’s an ad there.  I clicked on the “detail” button and it says it’s there because I’m either

(1) trying to make money by having readers click on ads (I assure you, I’m not…and I had no idea ads were being placed there) or

(2) I didn’t pay for the upgrade ($30 a year) to keep my blog ad free.

Is anyone familiar with any of this?  Each time I log on I am offered an opportunity to buy the domain name “lotsofjoyfulnoise.com” at $18 per year, and I never have because why spend the $18 and lose the user-friendly wordpress   system, but now I’d have to pay $30 a year to keep the ads off?  And contacting the wordpress folks is tricky because (in my quick research) they don’t have a phone number, claim that they don’t offer customer service via e-mail “because you can’t help large numbers of people that way”, and want me to post a question on a user-forum if I need help.

If you’re reading, do you know anything about any of this?  Do the ads bother you?  For fellow bloggers, any similar experiences or suggested resolutions?  I am hesitant to start the blog over on another site because I’m lazy (she said with the utmost honesty : )

Leaving this aside and off to write the post I meant to start an hour ago…  Thanks for any feedback!


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