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Maybe *I* am the Redneck Woman…(I do love the song!)

Yesterday, S found two single dollar bills and an unopened condom on the ground near our mailbox.

A deal gone bad? (rejected because of the low bid??)

I don’t know, but certainly an awkward pause from me as my 4 year old shared her discovery…

Also, a lot of handwashing after I realized she had picked up both bills…

Fortunately, we were all distracted from the discovery by three things:

(1) the letter in the mailbox to S from a friend at preschool (a teacher-initiated project…how fantastic is that!)

(2) the neighbor’s yardman, wielding a weed-whacker and wearing his headphones, all while belting “I’m a Redneck Woman” at the top of his lungs (sing it, buddy!)


(3) the bird that flew into the house during our quick trip to the mailbox, began panicking in the kitchen, and had to be shooed out after I opened all the kitchen windows and removed every screen (the bird has since abandoned the beginnings of the nest he was building on our front porch, which is truly disappointing…)

Did I mention that all of this happened before 8am in the morning?

Sometimes I really wish I drank coffee…

This week’s sign that the apocalypse is upon us (re: our mailbox)

This week’s sign that the apocalypse is upon us?

Our mailbox was hit by a boat.

No, we don’t live near any water.

Instead, a Hurricane Irene evacuee who was towing his boat to “safety” banged it into our mailbox, knocking it down.

Ok, I wrote this thinking I could upload a photo of our mailbox, but someone just came to fix it before I snapped a picture. So this is a stock photo that represents (as close as I could get to) what our mailbox looked like four hours ago…

Does this technically count as “hurricane damage” that hurricane insurance would cover?

We don’t know.

What we do know is that we are now in a very select group of people.

I mean, how many folks do you know who have had their mailbox hit by a boat?