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Everyday moments

Behind on blogging, so I’m posting a few photos to catch up.

Here’s a photo from our spring break “staycation”.

family outing

Honestly, it is one of my favorite family photos ever because it is completely unstaged.

The backstory:  On a random Saturday afternoon over spring break, we decided it would be fun to let the kids ride their bikes and scooters over to our community courts to play basketball and tennis.  We saddled everybody up, slung the baby bjorn, tennis rackets, water bottles, and a bag full of tennis and basketballs over the stroller handles and headed out.  En route, we paused at an intersection where a friend just happened to be driving by in her car with her husband and three kids.  She leaned out the window and said, “y’all look like you’re headed out for a fun afternoon…let me take a picture of you with my cell phone so you can have a record of it!”  She snapped the photo, and viola, an everyday moment captured.

(and unlike me, the person who lets photos languish on her cellphone forever, she was amazing and e-mailed it to me the next day…I know, she is incredible!  She later told me that, as a mother, she knew exactly how much work had gone into getting everyone and all that gear organized and couldn’t resist letting me see, from a different perspective, how smiley we all were about our outing)

Don’t you just love pictures that capture those precious everyday moments?  Just a Saturday afternoon, out for some good family fun.

March Madness (alternate title: why? how did you fill out your bracket?)

Filled out brackets to compete against the extended family in a pool of 19 entries…here’s the summary of our “bracketology” and how we’re doing as of 10:30pm on March 22, 2013…

E is currently leading the entire group despite basing her picks entirely on her preference in uniform color – specifically advancing teams in her favorite shade of blue.  This made her one of the few in the country to predict FGCU over Georgetown, by the way.

Notice I said “one of the few”, not “the only”.  If you are wondering who else could have possibly predicted the upset, look no further, because…

The terrific brotherly duo of T & H entered the pool together. Since their entry boasted more than one name (Mr. T & King Hut, to be specific), they selected teams with more than one word in their name to win (such as, drumroll…FGCU over Georgetown).  Their strategy currently has them tied for third in the family pool.  Ha!

To provide slightly more detail, they are tied for third with LPK, my niece who is still in utero.

To summarize, everyone else in the extended family, including myself (a former college assistant basketball coach), my brother-in-law (a former professional athlete), and lots of other folks (who actually watch games and follow players and think about their brackets) are currently losing to four young children, one of whom is making her picks from inside the womb.

And this is why we love March Madness.

(and also one of the many reasons I love my family : )

Update: March Madness, the real version

You may have read about our extended family’s March Madness pool in this post.

Well, I just had to let everyone know that 20 month old T, who picked the winning teams for his bracket by always choosing the team that had the most T’s in its name, is currently doing better overall than his mother.

Using this method, he also became one of the few people in the country who predicted that Norfolk State would beat Missouri.

I don’t know whether to be humiliated that my predictions are being upstaged by this alphabet-based strategy, or proud that my son is doing so well in such an important arena (March Madness!) so early in life.

Maybe, as a Tar Heel, I’ll just focus on how happy I am about the early dismissal of Duke…  : )

March Madness, the real version

You may have already read about our surreal version of March Madness in this post.

But I had to include a picture of the real March Madness too.

Here’s my husband helping E & S fill out their tournament brackets.

It took three 15 minute sessions with the kids to get the brackets filled out...not a quick process, and my husband gets 100% of the credit! By the way, someone needs to make a preschool friendly bracket that has pictures of the mascots and just 1-2 letters to represent the team name...

They had a great time explaining their choices to dad and watching him write them in the brackets, and it will get even more fun once we enter them into the ESPN website tonight for the extended family pool.

As far as my entertainment goes, what could be more fun for me than giving my adult siblings a hard time because my 5 year old is beating some of them in the brackets?  What fun to point out that she made her picks based on mascot preference and team colors!  (and picked Cincinnati to win three games because she thought “Cincinnati” sounded kind of like “Addie”, the really nice girl in her class!)

Of course, if she starts beating her mom that will be a whole ‘nother story…

: )

Let the Madness (and family banter!) begin!

wrong time, right idea (but I’m willing to negotiate)

A genius friend of mine, who empathizes with my situation of having just gotten my kids on a relatively sane sleep schedule, suggested we all just boycott Daylights Saving Time.

With the clocks all falling back an hour yesterday (and the effect being my day now starting an hour earlier according to those clocks) I am tempted to follow her suggestion.

However, as a reasonable person, I am willing to negotiate.

Here are my terms:

If the clocks can fall back far enough to erase most of the college football that happened this weekend – say back to noon on Saturday, before UNC and Alabama both lost – then I’ll go willingly into the new schedule.

I a mom, which means I love my sleep.

But even at the new 5am, I am a fan, which means we can work something out.

Why? What did you talk about at the football game?

S would like to know:

“When birds poop, does the poop get on the feathers around their fannies?”

And if so, “how do they clean it off?”

These questions were inspired by watching the mascot for the Louisville Cardinals at this weekend’s Carolina football game.

I think it had as much to do with the slightly constipated expression on the bird’s face as it did with the feathers shooting out the rear of the costume, but you’d have to ask S to be sure.


You could see how this facial expression could be misinterpreted by a 3 year old (stock photo). No offense, Louisville fans.

And although this is a stock image from a basketball game, the bird tends to do things like this at the football games too. The seated position and body language did not help distract S from the idea that he might need to poop at some point.


This is the best stock photo I could find that shows the tail feathers that fascinated S. You have to admit the kid has a point. The feathers do appear to be directly in the line of fire.

Anyway, while you’re talking to S about what inspired the questions, could you also please answer those questions for her?

I have studied educational theory for years, and still have absolutely no idea how to provide the information my children would really like to know.